Jenairix Style & Shine Spray 250 ml

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Style & Shine Spray

WHAT IT IS: A foundation for any style. Part working spray, part fi nishing spray. This versatile dry mist off ers light hold to set, style, protect, and fi nish wet or dry hair.

Style & Shine infuses hair with long lasting weightless volume, protects hair from color fade, and repels moisture while taming static, frizz, and fl y-aways for a smooth and ultra-glossy fi nish.


• Micros-Resins: for maximum penetration allowing for us on wet or dry hair.

• Grape Seed Oil: calms frizz and fl y-aways.

• Sunfl ower Seed Extract: for shine and color protection.

HOW TO USE: On Wet Hair: Mist evenly onto wet hair (8-12” away from hair) concentrating on mid-shaft to ends, prior to styling for shine, body, and frizz control.

On Dry Hair: Spray from 8-12” away for light hold and high shine or for added shape and control.